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- CD Boys -

The DJ you choose can make or break your party. If you don't choose the right one, you lose a lot of essentials like, an experienced master of ceremonies that can read your crowd and take the party the direction you and your guest want it to go. You also lose the assurance of a high quality sound system at your event, and a back up systems ready in case it becomes necessary. You also don't receive the benefit of an exhaustive, extensive musical selection. From standards & Motown to hip-hop & house the CD Boys cover it all.

You want to find a DJ that understands the crowd is the star of the show. Not the DJ! You need a DJ that takes the time to listen for requests and take dedications and actually gets to know the names of your guests, and last but not least, you need to make sure you have a DJ that knows how to interact with your crowd. You don't need someone who doesn't say a word on the mic all night and shuns you and your guest away when they are trying to make requests. This skill comes with experience.

When you hire the CD Boys thatís exactly who you get. The CD Boys. They don't hire or contract out other DJ's to do your event. Either Curtis or Don will be the ones making your event a complete success. Over 90% of the events they do are from people who have seen them perform and grabbed a card, or just clients that call them back time and time again. The majority of their events are because of word of mouth. They believe that speaks volumes of the kind of DJ service you get when you hire the CD Boys.

So if youíre looking for the best, they confidently say 'congratulations' you've found them. Because like they say ....

Nobody Partyís Like The Boys!

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